lokakuuta 03, 2013

Halloween booze syringes

It's OooOooOOoooOoOctober! And you know what that means: IT'S GOING TO BE HALLOWEEN VERY SOON. And it's officially OK to be spooky and weird and manic all the time. Yes yes yes. Today I had a massive moment of spooky inspiration and now both my head and notebook are filled with ghastly ideas for Halloween!

Today is the time for mad scientist's Halloween syringes, filled with peculiar, spiked liquids. I want you to meet my basket case alter ego. She laughs manically while brewing potions, and zaps herself way too often with her questionable machinery.

But let's proceed to the actual products!

Witnessed something uncomfortable? Saw something you wish you hadn't seen? No worries. Just a few milliliters of BrainBleach  and your life is fine and dandy again without a trace of those uncomfortable brain stains!

(sparkling water, vodka, lime juice, blue food coloring)

Love potion
Spike your unreachable loved one's drink with this flirty formula or enjoy as a couples' drink.
Contents: Oxytocin (C43H66N12O12S2)

(UFO shot) 

Battery Acid
Danger! Battery Acid. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

(energy drink, vodka, lemon juice)

Ectoplasm is a physical manifestation of spiritual energy, like for example ghosts. This sample was collected from a haunted house resident, who wished to remain anonymous. May they rest in peace.

(milk, vodka, Pisang ambon banana liqueur)

Radioactive waste
We have tons of this stuff, where the **** shall we dump it? Because of it's mere presence, I have grown a few extra toes, a second row of lower teeth and a weird lump on my knee, that makes squeaky noises when I walk.

(apple flavoured sparkling water, pisang ambon banana liqueur, lime juice, vodka)

Mysterious blood sample
It's a rather large sample. But you can never have enough blood, am I right?
The donor implied I shouldn't let anyone get close to this sample. I grew curious and transferred a bit to my own bloodstream. I feel weir d qwk0s b

(blueberry juice concentrate, vodka, red food colouring)

I think these syringes are a great idea for consuming Halloween shots. They are sold by pharmacies and they don't cost a lot (about 50cnt/syringe). I felt a little uneasy shopping them though, since I have heard that sometimes you get confronted about your intentions. My explanation of mad booze science would have made no sense :D

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  1. hieno ajatus! oli ne maisemat kyllä melkein kuin ihmemaasta. oi vau, ootpa upea hullu professori. haluun päästä maistamaan ektoplasmaa.

  2. Pistin muuten just alle viikko sitten ittekki tilaukseen noita ruiskuija xDDDDDD great minds ja sitä rataa? x''DD <3 noi on niin päiheen näköisiä :D