lokakuuta 24, 2013

Ghost caught on tape

It's a good thing for us living people, but not so great for the ghosts of deceased, that nowadays almost everybody has a device that can capture footage of ghost appearances. It's nearly impossible for the ghosts to do any serious haunting, without being captured on video and put on youtube.

Here's the story of my encounter with a ghost.

When I saw the ghost in my apartment, my first reaction was to shoot this quick video of it. It wasn't happy about it, and we had a brief fistfight, which I survived only by using my cunning speech skills. We had a serious conversation about ghost videos and social media's role in today's society, and the ghost gave me permission to publish this video:

Later we became good friends, and today we are very close. The ghost agreed to appear in a few photos as well. It keeps haunting my apartment and eating my food, but to be honest, I don't mind. It's a very cute little ghost friend.

4 kommenttia:

  1. Maailman söpöin kummitus ikinä x'''DD

  2. Aww :,DD Nenä ei oikein riitä...

  3. En kestä tota ton videon crash bandicoot musaa ja teiän kummitusta, alko naurattaa ja hymyilyttää ihan liikaa :"D <3