heinäkuuta 19, 2013

Level 24

Today, I've been on this planet for 24 whole years. But as they say, I'm not getting old... I'm leveling up!

Birthday girl

Nico made me a creeper cake when I was at work. It contains coconut and apple and white chocolate, I can't wait to taste it ♥ Creeper is a sneaky little bastard from the game Minecraft. It sneaks up on you and blows up. I kinda hate that guy, but can't help but love it a little, too...!

4 kommenttia:

  1. I just fucking love how that creeper cake! :D It's awsome!

  2. Joku hienoin kakku ikinä! Vitsi, Nico on taitava. :o Ja sä oot söpö, synde tsirbula! Onnea levelin läpi pääsemisestä! <3

    T: Jessica