maaliskuuta 22, 2013

Nightmares in toyland

 There's a basket in my house. The basket is filled with abominations, creepy creatures that once were toys. There's a beast that's responsible for these monsters. The beast is called Nadia. Nadia is my dog.

They once lived happily as frogs, teddybears, teletubbies, piggies, elephants and mouses. Unfortunately, my dog doesn't play nice. Her favourite game is to dismember and tear all her toys to bits and empty the stuffing.

This duck is just plain creepy even without Nadia's meddling

 I like to think of this monkey as their leader, because it's the creepiest one:

Here's the beast princess responsible for all this:
"This one's mine!"

Monkey: "Help me..."

I have decided that from now on, I'll only get Nadia toys that are abstract, for example stuffed socks, soft balls or something like that. I can't stand seeing the toys like this, especially because I'm one of those "toy story" people who think that toys have their own secret life when I'm not looking... One day I just realised that I'm just like Sid, the evil boy from Toy story! Because I give these poor toys for my dog to destroy. :(

"Me lelut... Näemme ihan kaiken. Joten leiki kiltisti!"

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  1. Hui, tulee kyl ihan Toy Story-fiilikset tästä! Tosi mielenkiintoinen merkintä ja hurjia kuvia. Nadia tuo pieni peto!